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Previously... (What we did before Blogs or Newsletters)

April 2007

Action Learning, Events and payment options pages have changed and the new manual payment
forms have also been uploaded. More pages will be uploaded this week.
Please refresh pages that you regularly view.

A Newsletter feature will be added shortly along with an update of events for the second quarter.

You can also now feedback to Odyssey, give details of your ultimate course!


January 2007

> The Sales courses has been re-written re-launched on a new sub-directory:

> The Practitioner Course - is being currently being rewritten.

Information has been put up as it is available in order for you to start planning -
Inevitably this means that some (pdf) publications won't be available straightaway.

> More courses will be run in 2007 - Stay tuned!


December 2006

> The Sales courses are going to re-written, rebranded and re-launched on a new
directory. Also don't forget the
Practitioner Course - only two are run every year.

Information has been put up as it is available in order for you to start planning -
Inevitably this means that some (pdf) publications won't be available straightaway.

> Ein Herzlicher begrüßt Deutche Besucher, besonders diejenigen von der
Münchener Universität.
> Une accueil cordial aux visiteurs français, j'espère que vous trouvez quelque
chose d'intérêt!
> A Happy Christmas to my friends, delegates and visitors regardless of faith,
creed or colour, Good tidings of great joy to ALL men and women.


November 2006

> Booking is now closed for November's Joy of Sales BUT depending on demand, a
course may be run on December 2-3 Please
email if you are interested.
> A fixed broken link for the free Six Myths of Sales Training report. Go here


Mid - October 2006

> DATE CHANGE For the Joy of Sales course dates in November 2006.Now you can
attend the NLP conference too!
> Upcoming seminar for December will be the Convince! programme.


October 2006

> New Joy of Sales course dates announced for November 2006
> PLEASE, let me know about demand in the UK outside London, Requests have
been few and far between. Yet I know there are grumbles about NLP in the
'provinces'. - or the lack of it. Or do you just want an awayday to The Smoke? :-)
> Still revising next set of courses locations and dates due to heavy
consultancy commitments. I'm reworking the
Convince course for 2007
> Not all salad creams taste the same.

July 2006

> Eek! The host was hit by a virus and are still sorting it out. Normal service etc.
> Revamped TRAINING PAGES - Making them easier to navigate and more
readable. A less 'busy' layout. Reworded
Convince! page. Contains
references to Grovian and Sleight of Mouth patterns.
> Revising next set of courses, locations and dates due to heavy
consultancy commitments.

June 2006

> Announcement of a Workshop entitled Dr. Harbinger's Crisis Clinic.
A Special Action Learning Set format using NLP skills to help solve
problems or 'challenges' AT WORK. NEW!
Brochure with more details.

The Workshop that runs will be dependent upon a critical number of
participants. Expressions of interest can be made direct via
email with "Crisis Clinic" in the subject line.

>Is there a need for an NLP course that has not been addressed? A location that has been ignored?
lets us know and if there is a sufficient demand e.g. more than eight people, a course may be run.
> Font change for the site making it easier to read.

May 2006

> News feature upgrade.
> Addition of Joy of Sales uploaded to the site. Brochure
The next course is to be held in London.

April 2006

>The Events pages has been revamped to make them easier to use.
>Convince! programme - New Brochure is now up and available
for download with a new
FAQ about.
>Coming soon: 'Dr. Otto Harbinger consults'...
>New resources page added: Resources requiring an investment.


In-Project: The Joy of Sales seminar is about to be promoted. You can ask to be put on the list for a brochure - Just email and ask! No obligation! Early bird booking can also be taken now - you can book online now.
The amount of interest by potential delegate's location will determine where the course will be held, so please let us know of your interest in this course. The subtitle is likely to be: ...What they didn't tell you in sales training.
Convince! New brochure is now up and available for download here

Stop Press! New resources page added: Resources requiring an investment here

Coming soon: 'Ask Dr. Otto Harbinger'...


February 2006



A BIG thank you to Sara for helping me re-work the website layout this month,
your advice and suggestions has been of immense value. Tres bien; Merci!

I'm really excited (you can probably tell!) at finalising the content of a course which could have significant implications on business communications. This unique course entitled Convince! explores the skill of Critical Thinking (CT) with the combination of NLP.

Critical Thinking is a skill - analysing and assembling a reasoned case, piece or argument that is delivered formally, informally, written or spoken. Personally speaking, I am appalled at the level of debate in the media. Politicians disseminate short sharp sound bites with no effort required to think and Rolling 'News' presenters deliver bland questions in the line of "What's there a sense of... there at the moment?". Now this non-thinking has begun to happen in the workplace to various degrees. Combine this with exotic management-speak and metaphor and you really get your criteria in a twist.Be in on the start of something NEW! There is a definite structure to CT and NLP is the ideal tool in which to explore it. People do reason, but tend to reason out-of awareness and sometimes badly. Now you can begin to see the advantages of conciously, critically reasoning with all the advantages that it can bring to your business cases, your proposals and to your responses to other's proposals, plans and arguments. Get BUY-IN! If you put your compelling case in such a way, you cannot be refused! Therefore the investment for a place on the course in future will be substantial, however, the pilot seminar will be priced accordingly with the inevitable odd bump. teething and non-sequiteur. What will be taught will be in many cases, unique, and never will it have been learned in this way before. If you are familiar with the Meta and Milton Models, this is the complementary structure.

If you wish to order a free advanced copy of the brochure, click here now email to be put on the (e)mailing list or write now to 'Freepost Learning' (no stamp or address required) and state your preferences for a weekend or weekday course. The launch will possibly take place during March although ultimately this will depend on demand.


January 2006

Make 2006 THE year for YOUR personal or corporate change initiative. Brochures are
now available for instant download - no more 'waiting-for-the-post misery!'

Once you have considered for which course you want to apply, go to the Diary on the
events page which has been updated with the first four courses for 2006 - it was a real
feat to plan these two practitioner programmes to avoid most of the sports events this
year including the World Cup. More courses will be added early next year, including a
practitioner programme for both London and Edinburgh.

On the same events page, you can now book your course online with a credit/debit card
via a very secure 128 bit encrypted form courtesy of PayPal. Alternatively, you can print
a form to accompany a cheque for posting by mail. The choice is yours!

Ongoing Marketing Research: Please let us know whether there enough
demand for a practitioner programme to be held in the following locations
by registering your interest on this

1. UK - Bristol/Bath/Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds/Bradford, York,
Europe - Dublin, Paris, Prague, Köln, Warsaw, Wien?

2. A three week retreat-sabbatical styled practitioner for you non-sporty types in July/August.

Please email your interest to one or both questions and let us know.

Any Questions? Don't forget you can call free of charge (within the UK) to 0800 019 0117 or email


December 2005

An excellent piece has been written by Charles Faulkner about 'Models, Levels and Multiple Worlds'
in reSource Magazine. A very clear article setting out how some of the NLP strategies can be grouped
into specific categories.

To subscribe to reSource Magazine which regularly carries articles about NLP,
click here:




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