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Newsletter - February 2008  
Quantum. Its a nice word isn't it? Fills the mouth and trips off the tongue quite nicely. Yet strangely it is the word which in common parlance is the most mis-used. A quantum leap is in fact, the smallest leap you could ever make; from one level of subatomic energy to another. Now it is used as the name of a dishwashing tablet. Incredible.

What could Quantum Dynamics have to do with people and communications? Well, here's a thought.

You may know that starlight reaches us from many billions of miles away in the cosmos. The individual photons from distant stars travel at the speed of light. In fact they take so long that we see these stars as they were when the photons started off. Its like seeing back in time. The further away the star, the further back in time we appear to see.

You may not know that the underlying equations allow 'time' to run backwards as well as forwards. A current hypothesis suggests that as soon as the photons encounter your rods and cones structurewithin your eye, a messenger particle leaves your eye and returns to the star back in time to complete the 'circuit'. This idea was even mooted during the early days of science. The implication appears to be no receptor, no return particle, no light!

Now; how does that apply to us as people? Well, when we meet and greet people, we give out messages. It may be your experience that you don't get the message back you expected... right away. You could let someone out of a side road in heavy traffic, it might be opening a door for someone and allowing them to walk through. The other person may not actually acknowledge or thank you. This could be either by mistake or by intention. Either way, you might come to a conclusion which may or may not be true.

In short, it appears to be that you are giving and the other person is only taking.

You could retaliate by being rude - which is hardly graceful - or remind the other party of their 'rudeness'. You could also adopt the default position of the other party and their attitude to people. In both cases, you are imposing something of the other person onto yourself. Ask yourself whether or not this is healthy.

An alternative which allows you to keep your values and your behavioural intentions intact is to adopt a 'quantum communication' belief.

That is, to continue to honour your own values by continuing to give and behave as you would want. Sometimes you will get a response back straightway; other times you may have to wait a short while or even longer before someone or something will return your 'messenger particle'. but it will happen. Try it!

Furthermore, there is a small sample of the population who structure their own model of how the world works with a 'rule' structure which only applies only for themselves and from their own world viewpoint; To them, other people are simply moving objects. Therefore, when you meet these people, don't get hung up about them, they are just slaves to their own self-serving programs. I suspect they haven't yet learned empathy - a skill that allows people to put themselves into other people's shoes and intuitively see their world from another's point of view (Allocentricity). These self-servers are effectively at an earlier stage of personal evolution. So understanding this may help you cope with 'taking' behaviour, even if it feels like you are pouring energy into a black hole. Even black holes radiate a form of energy and the way the universe works, you may well get a return particle when you need it most in your own personal cosmos!

More soon!


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