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Newsletter - March 2008  
Latest research within the training field suggests the idea of reflection upon what has gone on before as a step to contemplating and subsequent planning of the future - a sort of don't-repeat-past-mistakes methodology.

Perhaps this is a reaction against the current business pragmatism of Lets-get-down-to-it...Whoops!-how-did-that-happen?-methodology!

Well, its time for me to give it a try. I've suspended all public training seminars pending a relaunch after I've analysed past results and corresponding data analysis etc. since:

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got"

This is a derivation of: The meaning of your communication is the response you get back - a key Axiom of NLP.

Thanks for your feedback I've received from so many of you, it means a lot to me about how I intend to deliver future seminars and to a lesser extent, consultancy, coaching and mentoring.

Well, its a lovely evening here as I write this; As I look out of the study window, the sun is now setting over Puffin Island and Anglesey in the West, with the arrival of British Summer Time.

I'm presenting NLP & Language Learning at the next NLP conference on 19th April in London and also in support of my paper on Meta-Programs & Learning Styles on 5th July at the University of Surrey Inaugural NLP Conference, so if you are attending these events, I'd be very happy to meet you (if, of course, we haven't met already on any relaunched courses in the meantime!).

Have a GREAT Spring!


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