An introduction to Critical Thinking with NLP - The World's First!

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  Persuade and influence with increasing confidence and reputation using an extremely powerful
combination of NLP and Critical Thinking!

The Sleight of Mouth Patterns as modelled by Robert Dilts and Grovian language
as modelled by Lawley & Tompkins use certain key word structures. When underpinned by
the knowledge of the NLP Meta Model and Hypnotheraputic Milton Model and other structures,
these can, with Critical Thinking (CT) methods and structures provide you with powerful
ways of optimal flexibility of expression.

Are you ever at a loss for an outcome when discussing issues with colleagues or in group meetings?
Perhaps you can't find the words to state your case or find yourself expressing in a word salad?
Do you have difficulty justifying proposals or suggestions?
Can you see the flaws in someone's case or proposal yet don't know how to address them?
Would you like to have much more influence and continue to build and become a master communicator?

Use these master patterns to facilitate change in yourself and others to a degree that might surprise you.

Applicant's minimum skills: Knowledge and use of NLP Practitioner language patterns. (Meta &Milton Models)

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