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Accreditation NLP
Accredit: < Ə -' kred - it. >

1. To consider or recognise as outstanding.

2. a. To give official authorisation to, or of approval.

2. b. To provide with credentials, recognise or
vouch for as conforming to a standard.

(Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary)

What do people want from Accreditation? Probably the security of knowing what is offered, is up to standard - but which standard? There are so many 'standards'. ANLP, INLPTA, Guild of NLP, GTCC or the Society of NLP etc. How does one choose? and how good is the 'authority' that they claim? Is it personality? or defined 'standards' or...? Having any accreditation is probably better than none. The next step is to consider what claims are made by the 'authority'. Whether the NLP is 'genuine' or not, whether certain standards are met and validated and how long the training take to complete.

The NLP Practitioner Programme: Creating an Ecology of Mind has been designed to exceed the minimum standards of all the accreditors, in terms of duration, body of knowledge and skills.

The lead trainer, Steve undertook his trainer training with the Global Training and Consultancy Community with one of the leading pioneers of NLP - Robert Dilts. Robert has contributed much to the field of NLP. He and his team continue to play an active role today to pioneer new applications and strategies to extend the boundaries of NLP.Robert has also the characteristics of being one of the most congruent people on the planet! These are just some of the many reasons Steve decided to train and be accredited through the GTCC, sponsored by Robert whose own website is at NLPU.com.

The work of the pioneers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is fully acknowledged:

Dr's Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Frank Pucelik with Robert Dilts, Judith deLozier, Leslie Lebeau, Charles Faulkner, Steve & Connirae Andreas, David Gordon, Stephen Gilligan amongst others. A special mention too of Judith Lowe, Julian Russell, Christina Hall, Ian McDermott and Joseph O'Connor.

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