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NLP Literature  

Listed below are some resources that may help
with your Mind, Body and Spiritual Development from
mainly an NLP Perspective.

You may question the idea of 'spiritual' as maybe
a bit 'touchy feely'. The point is, that
'development' covers the entire human condition;
To miss a part of your development is to deny yourself
any synergy that might occur from ALL parts of your

The resources are there for when you are ready.




Way of NLP

An excellent plain English introduction to the basics of NLP.

  Words That Change Minds

A comprehensive introduction to NLP Meta-Programmes with references to rigourous important empirically tested data.

Bloomsbury Grammar Guide

A useful precursor to NLP studies and experience. This book covers the basic English language structure with details of common errors and describes many literary linguistic devices.

  Core Transformation

Covered during the Odyssey NLP Practitioner 'Creating an Ecology of Mind', This is the definitive text to find your core states. I wrote a piece on the Amazon site recommending this text.

Frames of Mind

Not NLP specifically, but a comprehensive guide to the idea of many intelligences in the mind-space and its attendant structure. Plenty of references to research. Precursor to Goleman's Emotional Intelligence.

  The Art of Systems Thinking

A very readable guide to the way systems appear in the self, groups, companies and societies.

The Secrets of Magic

An interesting guide to the Meta Model of language. I don't agree with all the author's interpretations in his extensions to the model but his clear explanation of the Meta Model makes a purchase worthwhile.

  Teach Yourself to Meditate

A readable, secular (non-religious) guide to the art of meditation. I use the contents of this book every day.

      More Resources for the books, DVD, CD etc. that you want.  

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