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Newsletter - January 2008  
"Happy New Year"  
I wonder how many people will be making resolutions at this time of year. How many have you made? ....Well done!
Here are some more tips to help your resolutions come true. Please let me know how you do:

#1. Write down your resolution. Studies from Harvard shown that written down goals are more likely to be achieved.

#2. Convert the resolution into a positive form - from what you don't want, into what you do want.
I'll give you a real world example: A group of local women formed a self-help club to lose weight. They called it:"The Fat Club". Yup, you guessed it; They all got fatter. Perhaps 'The thin club' would have been more appropriate.

So, now its your turn:

From: I don't want to be/do......................

To: I want to be/do....................... instead.

#3. Find some quality time of no more than five minutes and imagine yourself doing the resolution or 'new do'.

#4. Now step into that imagination as if you were really there. How does that feel?

#5. Do that as many times as you require in order for you to keep yourself motivated. Please let me know how you get on.

I know that you have already begun to change as you read this. Congratulations! Now as you start to think over what you just learned I know what a big difference you are making to your life in many ways!

I wish you all the best with your personal development and I hope to meet you soon during 2008!

More soon!


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