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Odyssey Ltd:  Consultancy for Businesses. Most Change and OD initiatives fail.
Utilise the benefits of better business through:
  • More sales,
  • A smoother running business,
  • Action centred leadership,
  • Powerful presentations,
  • Teams and departments that work together
  • Reducing stress and strife,
  • And much more!

Invest to get a better return through cutting edge Training and Development:
Change Agency - Coaching - Training - Mentoring.
Expertise over the full training cycle; TNA to Review.
Soft, hard, technical and legislative skills.
Training for beyond learning; Profit and Performance.

Schaffer & Thompson (1992), Hammer & Champney (1993), Hamlin, Keep & Ash (2001)... et. al.

1. Introduction

2. What do the experts say?

3. The Syntax of Change

4. Nailing Jelly to the Ceiling

5. References

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3. The Syntax of Change

So what's the recipe for success? The Odyssey preferred solution is ridiculous hats, roller skates and relocate the toilets to the top floor - with no lifts. We guess, however, that would not be a popular proposition to put to the board. May we instead, suggest you make a start on:

* Investigate forms of language in-use
* Analyse soft systems of communication
* Sort out work-life balance issues
* Revisit the Web of Doo... erm, sorry, Culture.

Change (and learning) in organisations occurs through the effort of individuals, in teams and groups. This process appears to be inductive. Therefore any change in the organisation is likely to be most effective at the level of the individual. It makes sense that any change initiative takes into consideration all environmental factors, both internal and external. Not just for the organisation but importantly, for the individual as well. This means that for every individual in the organisation that develops their full inner and behavioural potential, then that will lead to the organisation's corresponding generative increase in potential. In short; Developing your people, leads to your organisation developing :. PD OD.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) offers many enjoyable opportunities alongside established HRD practice with strategies and models to unlock difficulties with communication and behavioural change. NLP can help unlock communication stoppages through discourse and the syntax of change analysis. Change of this magnitude can benefit a company at many levels.

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