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Sales Courses and a FREE report:

Make MORE Sales! Using the RIGHT Questions

This course is for people who sell their products, services or themselves to customers or clients, whether it be in the context of business to business, business to customer, direct, face to face or by mail or telephone.

These leading edge tools offered have not been taught before in this mode of training. A one day seminar - Ideal for CPD to update one's skills. Learn that there is much more to selling!

  • Advanced Relationship Strategies: How to build and maintain the customer - seller relationship through behavioural tells and language.
  • Problem Definition: Discover the wierd world of the customer - and untangle your version of it!
  • Solution Strategies: How to elicit from the customer what they really want and provide it.
  • Buying Strategies: How to uncover these from the customer and actively sell to them.
  • Seller State management: How to organise one's own inner state during a sales call.
  • Seller Motivation: Find out some surprising information about yourself!

Selling is based on a relationship. This programme uses a model that incorporates ethics and long term prosperity for both parties; the seller and customer. No techniques are devised for short term gain or where the seller wins and the customer loses. There is no manipulation proposed, only persuasion and influence.

In this way, Salespeople will start earning what they are worth in their own eyes, thus benefiting from the lifestyle they set for themselves. Their success becomes systemic.

  • Increased number of calls/Appointments

  • Improved quality of calls/levels of commitment

  • Improved levels of remuneration of Sellers

  • Improved Seller's Self-Esteem

  • Vastly improved perceived level of service BY THE CUSTOMER

  • Provides significant competitive advantage

This programme is also available in-house through this one day condensed form or over two or three days for extra benefits through appropriate skills training and coaching on your specific products or service. Remember: You get what you pay for.

All programmes use a mix of techniques including accelerated learning.

Full brochure here.

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